Hi, Keiron

My gut feeling is that with an initial "score-spaces" value of "true", and
since 6.6.3 tells us that we treat characters as fo:character, and
score-spaces is applicable to fo:character, I would say that the underline
applies to the space.


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Hi Karen,

I seem to be having a bit of trouble getting that text parsing right. I
was mainly just trying to get something to work to see on the output.
It should be able to be simplified thanks to the earlöier whitespace
I still wonder what should be done in a situation like:
<block>some text <inline text-decoration="underline"> more
Is the space before "more" underlined or not?


On 2002.02.23 18:30 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> Keiron,
> I see you've actually started to make TextLayoutManager do something. I
> noticed during my CTM testing with the PDF renderer, that it's "eating"
> the first character of my text, ie. "Hello world" came out as "ello
> world". Since I don't think you're French which could account for not
> pronouncing the 'h', I thought it might be due to the 'wordStart + 1'
> used to set the text for the Word Area.
> I also noticed there's a lot of whitespace handling in the code still. A
> few months ago I put some white-space handling into the FO tree building
> logic. In fo.flow.Block.end(), it basically iterates over all its kids
> and tries to get rid of all the unnecessary white-space before it gets
> to the layout manager.
> The idea was that the LM would only see the whitespace it was actually
> supposed to layout and the linefeeds which were real line-break
> characters.
> I haven't studied the new TextLM code in detail, but I would think it
> could be simplified based on that approach.
> Regards,
> Karen

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