I should add, if the 2 spaces end up on the same line, of course. Until we
do layout we don't know.

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Comments below.

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That's one thing. In your example, even supposing we are doing
white-space collapse, the issue is which one gets thrown out. In 7.5.12
(white-space-collapse), the spec says: ".. [if] the immediately
preceding flow object is a character flow object with a character
classified as white space in XML ... that flow object shall not generate
an area."

So if we think that the the space after "text" and the one before "more"
are adjacent, which is strictly speaking not the case, I'd say the one
before "more" disappears. If we aren't collapsing or we decide that the
intervening newline makes them not adjacent, there are two spaces and
the second is underlined.


Keiron Liddle wrote:
> Hi Karen,
> I seem to be having a bit of trouble getting that text parsing right. I
> was mainly just trying to get something to work to see on the output.
> It should be able to be simplified thanks to the earlöier whitespace
> handling.
> I still wonder what should be done in a situation like:
> <block>some text <inline text-decoration="underline"> more
> text<inline><block>
> Is the space before "more" underlined or not?

Pursuant to my earlier post on this question, I think we are all agreed that
"score-spaces" dictates whether or not the space immediately preceding the
word "more" in the example gets underlined or not, _assuming_ that that
space survives.

As Karen points out, initial value for "white-space-collapse" will make the
second space go away (leastways I concur in that interpretation). Adjacency
is based on whether or not the 2 areas have a block- or
inline-stacking-constraint, and the two spaces in question have an
inline-stacking-constraint by 3a in Inline Stacking Constraints, Section
4.2.5, so are adjacent.


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