Hi, Steve

Speaking as an individual committer I think it's excellent that you've done
this. I happen to be completely language-agnostic and I'll use anything that
works, including everything in the MS stable.

I would recommend that you start a Sourceforge project to take this further.
Once you've got that done, and code uploaded, interested parties will
appear, and I'm sure you'll attract people. I'd be interested in taking a
look myself.

Arved Sandstrom

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Sent: February 28, 2002 9:46 AM
Subject: C# version of FOP

I have been working on converting FOP to C# for a project I'm working on.
I currently have a C# version producing EMF page images from the example FOP
files from 0.20.3rc.  I'm producing EMF right now since that is the specific
format my application requires.  To ease my conversion effort I backed out
the SVG code (so I wouldn't have to convert Batik yet) and I removed the
PDFRenderer (since I'm not interested in PDF currently).  I focused on
converting the AWTRenderer to produce EMF page images.  I don't think it
will be that much work to add the PDFRenderer back in later -- minus SVG of

I wanted to find out if any of you are interested in a C# version of FOP or,
if not, then if you could direct me to a group that might be.  I would like
to get an a open source group started on developing this version further.

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