[Jim Urban] As long as development of the C# version does interfere with
the development of the Java version, I have no problem with people
porting FOP to C#. However, I believe the primary effort should remain
the Java version.

> If C# FOP or Batik implementations keep pace with the Java state of 
> the art...

Of course, it's a given that the Apache Foundation's Java version of
Batik (and FOP) will be the popular reference implementation, and with
good reason. If those developers who are working on a C# port do have
any back-influence on the Java version, it may be to contribute an
abstraction proposal for a generalized Canvas, or other components that
help Batik port easily to other rendering libraries. In C#'s case, it
would be GDI+ on windows, and GTK# on Mono. Either library will probably
present the same capabilities as Java's library for rendering SVG.

What's good for C#-Batik would probably make an SDL-Batik possible, too.
Or Python, and so on. And it would help FOP become more readily
portable, which may be a more common need until SVG is as pervasive as
PDF already is.

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