Anyone have any documents on how the software works already to help 
me speed up where to look and what to patch? What it looks like to me,
is that there are some compressed streams inside the entire pdf stream.
So, a conversion at the final output won't work; appears to convert the
non-compressed parts ok though.

Thanks, Jason

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> I'll apologize upfront as I think my question is really for the users list
> but,
> I was unable to find how to subscribe to it.

No, I think you're in the right place.

> I'm developing under Websphere 4.0 and have had success in using FOP .20
> on my NT machines. I take that ear file and install it on our os390
> Websphere
> server and I get back garbage. If I convert the garbage from EBCDIC to
> with a tool, it appears the uncompressed streams convert fine. The
> still does not work. How can I make FOP ensure that all of it's temporary
> streams
> use the proper encoding? The following snippet is how I'm using FOP.

Ben Fowler posted a similar mail two days ago.

You're in the same boat. I think it would be good if you one of you two
could really track down the problem, create a patch for it and post it
to the list for inclusion into FOP along with some documentation
(guidelines) what has to be done to ensure non-ascii-environment
compatibility in FOP for the future.

Jeremias Märki


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