I now have FOP working on our OS/390.

My solution was to add a class called PDFConstants that only held a static
string variable for the encoding type.

All places in the code where there was a 


I replaced with

try {
} catch ( UnsupportedEncodingException ue ) {

If there is a better way, please holler.
If this is an ok way to fix it, how do post the patches?
(never done this before on a public project like this )

Thanks, Jason

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> I'll apologize upfront as I think my question is really for the users list
> but,
> I was unable to find how to subscribe to it.

No, I think you're in the right place.

> I'm developing under Websphere 4.0 and have had success in using FOP .20
> on my NT machines. I take that ear file and install it on our os390
> Websphere
> server and I get back garbage. If I convert the garbage from EBCDIC to
> with a tool, it appears the uncompressed streams convert fine. The
> still does not work. How can I make FOP ensure that all of it's temporary
> streams
> use the proper encoding? The following snippet is how I'm using FOP.

Ben Fowler posted a similar mail two days ago.

You're in the same boat. I think it would be good if you one of you two
could really track down the problem, create a patch for it and post it
to the list for inclusion into FOP along with some documentation
(guidelines) what has to be done to ensure non-ascii-environment
compatibility in FOP for the future.

Jeremias Märki


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