Christian Geisert wrote:

> Alex V. Alishevskikh wrote:
>> Hi, there,
>> I've found what "" file is missing in the AWT Renderer 
>> resources. As a result, AWTStarter crashes with NullPointerException 
>> on launching it on russian system.
>> The another issue is wrong encoding in "" file (it looks 
>> like 8859-1 ), what makes the cyrillic labels and menus are unreadable. 
No, it was coded in 8859-5 (Cyrillic) or Windows 1251, I can see 
"File=<f><a><i><l>" . You most probably compiled on a non-Cyrillic 
machine and did not set -encoding javac compilation option. I believe 
your change is, however, a good one.

I notice you also change some translations.(About, Show, etc.).

>> I've created the and files with russian text 
>> in UTF-8 (see attached files). It seems what it works well (FOP 
>> 0.20.3, Sun JDK 1.3.0).
Did you use Unicode escape sequences (with native2ascii) ? If not, I'm 
not sure it works all the time (might because of BOM).

? The only encoding that Properties and PropertyResourceBundle 
understand is ISO 8859-1 with Unicode escapes. This is not UTF-8. UTF-8 
encodes Unicode characters into sequences of 1 to 4 bytes using a 
mapping specified in The Unicode Standard, version 2.0 or 3.0. Other 
encodings need to be converted with the native2ascii tool. This applies 
to all releases from 1.1 to 1.3. ?

>> I wish to propose the solution for case when AWTStarter cannot finds 
>> the resource bundle appropriated for user language: then let it to 
>> use the english (*.en) resources as default.
> [..]
>> It should prevent the crashes on machines with language settings are 
>> unsupported in AWT renderer resources. Any opinions?
I wonder if this is a good idea.

Why not use whatever is in the default resourceBundle ? Hardcoding seems 
useless at best when there is a more flexible built-in mechanism 
(getBundle search).
However, it looks like this mechanism is short-circuited in AWTStarter 
by using a ResourceBundle name that incorporates the language (" 
resource = getResourceBundle(TRANSLATION_PATH + "resources." + 
language)") and does not set any Locale. I do not believe this to be wise.

This is an i18n issue.

P. Andries

Tout Unicode 3.1 en franc,ais

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