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You wrote:
No, it was coded in 8859-5 (Cyrillic) or Windows 1251,

AFAIK, ISO8859-5 is not the same that Windows 1251.

Well, Microsoft adds to 8859-5 a few Cyrillic characters in the 80-9F range (euro sign for one, šand diacritic forms such as k apostrophe on top).
My point was rather that it was not 8859-1 as mentioned but 8859-5 or CP 1251 which are hard to distinguish.

 I see the extended latin
letters (with umlauts etc) instead of cyrillic characters.
I've compiled FOP on machine (WinXP, Sun JDK 1.3) with russian locale.

? The only encoding that Properties and PropertyResourceBundle
understand is ISO 8859-1 with Unicode escapes. This is not UTF-8.

But why my Properties encoded as UTF-8 works and I see the readable russian
As pointed out in a different message by Satoshi, and I missed this,š AWTStarter uses a getResourceBundle which in turns uses a SecourceResourceBundle that reads UTF-8 (I still see 8859-1 in my source). I suppose I should update my tree.
I only regret that using this new getResourceBundle, it looks like the standard getBundle search algorithm is not implemented. I personnaly believe it is usually bad design to hardcode a default language,š One should rather useš a Locale for setting the language (picked from the argv for instance) or getting the platform's default one and rely on the getBundle algorithm. The default resource language could then become the platform's language (locale) unless no resource exist for it, in which case the resources found in the base resource bundle could be used (this could be a different file for each system according to installation option).

P. Andries

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