Patrick Andries wrote:

> Christian Geisert wrote:
>> Alex V. Alishevskikh wrote:
>>> Hi, there,
>>> I've found what "" file is missing in the AWT Renderer 
>>> resources. As a result, AWTStarter crashes with NullPointerException 
>>> on launching it on russian system.
>>> The another issue is wrong encoding in "" file (it looks 
>>> like 8859-1 ), what makes the cyrillic labels and menus are unreadable. 
> No, it was coded in 8859-5 (Cyrillic) or Windows 1251, I can see 
> "File=<f><a><i><l>" . You most probably compiled on a non-Cyrillic 
> machine and did not set -encoding javac compilation option. I believe 
> your change is, however, a good one. 

Forget the -encoding javac compilation option, this is for 
ListResourceBundle. It's getting late.

P. Andries

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