Hi Foppers

As promised I've put together a zip file that contains the FopServlet
(and FopPrintServlet) in a way that the WAR file can be built using ant.
I've put it under the contrib directory (does not yet exist in
maintenance branch). This replaces the docs/examples/embedding directory
for now (if you accept the patch).

I've left out servlet.jar for download size but included several notices
on how to build the WAR file (README file and message in build.xml).
servlet.jar simply has to be copied to contrib/servlet/lib prior to
building the WAR file using contrib/servlet/build.bat (or build.sh).

I've also noticed an unused createParser() method in the servlets which
I have removed.

Jeremias Märki


Postfach 3954 - Rhynauerstr. 15 - 6002 Luzern
Fon +41 41 317 2020 - Fax +41 41 317 2029
Internet http://www.outline.ch

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