Somewhat off topic, but since this shapes up as the largest collective body
of pdf-ers outside of Adobe, I hope not to offend.

Anyone know of a pdf-rendering components (java) ?

Some time ago (2 years?) Adobe released a beta bean without support.
While it is buggy, it one is careful, it will do a good job of rendering basic
pdf content on a Component (or Canvas).  The bean has not been updated
since then; it remains unsupported by Adobe, and -- several exchanges
with Adobe later -- I know of no way to obtain source short of decompilation.

Does any of you know of another candidate component ?   I've cast a large
net to no success, but perhaps I missed something obvious.

We've even tried to imagine using Adobe's browser plugin, but we
can't quite get there.

Goal is simple:  take a pdf file and render it in a Component or JComponent.

(btw: Starting from xml in the general case is not an option, so although we
use fop in production, it won't serve here.)

        Thanks for any suggestions

        -Ralph LaChance

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