Title: Question for FOP


I just successfully run the examples (simple.fo) provided in 'fop-0.20.3-bin.tar.gz' file under fop-0.20.3\docs\examples\fo subdirectory in the command prompt and I got a pdf file successfully . I still have the following question:

1. How can I view the source code for this example?

2. I also looked over all the rest of the folders included in 'fop-0.20.3' and there are a lot other folders like design, html-docs(some .html files in it), xml-docs(some xml files in it), etc.  What are all those files used for? 

3. Actually what I want to do is:  convert a XML file to PDF file and display this PDF file on the web page. How to do this?

I am new to this and really like to have your advices and help.  So if you could provide further information, I would appreciate it very much.


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