On Thu, 2002-04-04 at 14:31, Cai, Jenny (US - Dallas) wrote:
> Hi,

Hi Jenny,
> I just successfully run the examples (simple.fo) provided in
> 'fop-0.20.3-bin.tar.gz' file under fop-0.20.3\docs\examples\fo subdirectory
> in the command prompt and I got a pdf file successfully . I still have the
> following question:
> 1. How can I view the source code for this example?

I think, based on your third question below, that you're looking for an
XML file that is then converted to PDF.  The "simple.fo" is the source,
written in XSL:FO, which is XML.  But, probably not what you were

I personally don't write my documentation directly in XSL:FO but instead
write them in some other XML format (such as DocBook,
http://docbook.org/ ) and then write stylesheets (or using existing
stylesheets) to convert the XML format to XSL:FO.  I then use FOP to
render the XSL:FO as PDF.

I think that's the kind of thing that you would be looking for as well.

> 2. I also looked over all the rest of the folders included in 'fop-0.20.3'
> and there are a lot other folders like design, html-docs(some .html files in
> it), xml-docs(some xml files in it), etc.  What are all those files used
> for?  

These would just be the documentation for  FOP.  The html-docs folder
contains the FOP documentation in HTML format, generated from the
xml-docs/fop folder.  I noticed that under the xml-docs folder, there is
the skins folder which contains stylesheets (used in converting the XML
documents to HTML, PDF, etc).

Think of the xml-docs folder as the source and the the html-docs folder
as the output (programatically speaking).
> 3. Actually what I want to do is:  convert a XML file to PDF file and
> display this PDF file on the web page. How to do this?

There would be a couple of ways of doing this.  The first would be to
generate the PDF in a batch mode and create a static web site containing
web pages that reference the static PDF documents.

The second would be to dynamically create the PDF documents.  This would
be done with a servlet using a servlet engine such as Apache Tomcat. 
There is an example of doing this on the Apache FOP website (
http://xml.apache.org/fop/embedding.html ).  Another method would be to
use Apache Cocoon (which can also be found on http://xml.apache.org/ )

> I am new to this and really like to have your advices and help.  So if you
> could provide further information, I would appreciate it very much.

Hope this helps.

Rick Tessner

"There are no bad days.  Only good days and great days."

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