Hi, Dimitri

With respect to full-page backgrounds this is something that has come up
before. fo:simple-page-master does not take background properties so you
have to work with regions or below, which do. Let's say that you don't have
any outer regions - you could have a region-body with zero-margins, and a
background would fill the page. Because regions have zero width borders and
padding unfortunately the content rectangle of the region reference area
would fill the page also, but you can use start and end indents, and
space-before and space-after, to constrain your content as desired.

If you had outer regions they could overlap, and your spaces and indents for
the region-body could account for that, too; with a background-color of
"transparent" on the outer regions you'd be all set.

I am not recommending this because I personally think it goes a bit against
the spirit of the spec, but as near as I can tell it's all perfectly legal.
I seem to recall from last year that we had convinced ourselves that one
could not render backgrounds into regions, but my reading of the spec now
doesn't show me that at all. Maybe others can add their comments.

The only thing that may cause a problem with this interpretation, if outer
regions are being used, is in rendering conflict of marks. You cannot
specify z-index on regions so this only works if you can guarantee that
region-body gets rendered first, and I don't know if that is a spec

Arved Sandstrom

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> Sent: April 22, 2002 5:42 AM
> Subject: Re: inital background-image patch
>     I've tryed this with PDF and it seems to work well, but I
> coudn't find a
> way to have a complete page background (with no resize).
>     The back ground is only under the text blocks.
>     Have you, or some one else have some background image samples ?
>     If not I can work on it if you want (like a new example directory).
>     Thanks,
> Dimitri BAELI
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> >
> >
> > Arved Sandstrom wrote:
> > > I will definitely check it out.
> > >
> >
> > Thanks Arved. I've put v0.02 of the patch up. This fixes one small bug
> > when tiling background images, but more importantly I've removed the
> > changes to fix addRectFoo() wanting a negative height. This simpilifies
> > the patch and greatly reduces the scope of the changes. Let me know what
> > you think.
> >
> > I'm going to start on getting the other renderers working next.
> >
> > <http://web.vee.net/fop/background-image_0.02.patch>
> > <http://web.vee.net/fop/fop-background-image-0.02-bin.tar.gz>
> > <http://web.vee.net/fop/fop-background-image-0.02-bin.zip>
> >
> > Cheers.
> > Mike,
> >
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