Arved Sandstrom wrote:
> Yeah, I rechecked the prose carefully and I didn't spot anything either.

Okay, if no one objects, I'll leave the region area background 
implementation in.

> Slight segue: I was up at the cottage this weekend opening up, and lots of
> evenings this week are hosed also, but tomorrow evening is open, so I'll
> quickly apply your patch, build, run it, and commit it if that all works
> out, which I don't doubt.

Cheers! For the occasion, I've released v0.03 of the patch, please have 
a look at this one instead. 8)

The changes are:

  - backgrounds are now supported on all region areas, including 
  - PSRenderer now positions backgrounds properly.
  - I've either tested or at least code-audited all of the Renderer 
impls, and they should all work as well as they did previously.

Still to do (but can be done after the patch has landed):

  - fix PDFRenderer.drawImageCropped() so it works properly.
  - implement drawImageFoo() methods in the other renderers.
  - refactor renderImageArea() in the other renderers
  - sort out the addRectFoo() negative height mess (is this worth doing?)

Patch, binaries:



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