I am not a committer nor a developer of fop (but prepared to do some work)
but mainly a user. However, here is my opinion on the matters raised.

1. I would like to see further maintenance releases on the 0.23 branch.
Valuable (to various users) updates to the last release have been posted to
this group already (background-image, logging, ...). These maintenance
releases should continue until a release candidate for the redesigned fop
becomes available and/or until user interest in this version of fop has
disappeared and/or until nobody is willing to put any more effort into it.

2. The maintenance releases should concentrate on bug fixes and enhancements
which fit easily into the current fop framework. Enhancements/bug fixes to
problems which are hard/messy to fix within the current fop architecture and
therefore were the triggers to the fop redesign effort should probably not
be attempted.

So in summary the objective would be to keep the current version alive and
well to maintain user interest and enthusiasm for the product by providing
updates and enhancements while at the same time the majority of effort
should still be directed towards the redesign to address the fundamental
problems with the current architecture.


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Will there be another maintenance release before something comes
out of the redesign?
If so, when? Roadmap?
If so, which should be the problems solved? Pick from above or
add whatever you think should be added.


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