Thanks for your effort to clean up BugZilla!

Just to tell you, what I'm currently working on:
- Last week I started to look into clipping. I realized it requires some
  rearranging of code in the PDF renderer. And understanding the spec in
  this regard is not that simple, either.
- You've probably read my posts about padding on fo:block. Since there
  are some work-arounds (using fo:table), I don't think this needs to be
  fixed in the branch.
- My biggest problem is lack of time. Don't know how to fix that one,
  yet. :-)

On 23.04.2002 00:19:20 J.Pietschmann wrote:
> Hi committers,
> as you probably noticed, i started to rummage around in
> Bugzilla, searching for bugs still in existence and learning
> more about current and persistent problems.
> Apart from the keep-* problem there are the following issues:
> - Other unimplemented or incompletely implemented elements
>   and attributes. In particular:
>    o fo:table-and-caption because DocBook uses this
>    o fo:inline-container
>    o common properties of fo:inline
>    o whitespace handling attributes
>    o a few shorthands
> - Height/BPD of block elements other than table.
> - Padding for fo:block (and perhaps other block elements)
> - Margins for tables, if that's a bug (see recent posts)
> - Better error reporting, in particular:
>    o Report structure violations properly (for example don't
>      drop fo:table-rows which are not children of
>      fo:table-(body|header|footer) silently)
>    o Notify about attributes which shouldn't be there or
>      are not implemented. Currently, this is horribly
>      inconsistently handled.
>    o A few more sensible messages for attributes that are
>      missing. I think, if a master-reference is missing,
>      claiming it has no proper value is misleading.
> - Link hotspots. I think i have some unique bug reports
>   to contribute in addition to the respectable set already
>   in place :-)
> - Text loss near fo:inline and -horror!- character references!
> - Image scaling.
> Not yet in Bugzilla, i think:
> - Problems with properties of hypenated words (many
>   are only applied to the last part).
> - conditional-page-master last
> - Clipping (overflow="hide" or something)
> Probably further down the ToDo list:
> - Better handling of forward ref page-number-citations
>    (reformat line or something). Hopefully solvable locally.
> - Sensible algorithm to handle leader-length.maximum="100%",
>    perhaps combined with point above. Should be localised
>    to a line, therefore only moderatly hard. This is definitely
>    a "must have".
> - PDF extensions, like encrypting. Perhaps integration with some
>    other project.
> I think i'll leave Bugzilla alone until the next bug summary
> next weekend.
> Questions:
> Will there be another maintenance release before something comes
> out of the redesign?
> If so, when? Roadmap?
> If so, which should be the problems solved? Pick from above or
> add whatever you think should be added.
> Further question: Is the duplicate id bug fixed in all its
> incarnations?
> Oops: The FAQ goes along slowly, as usual. Converted to the
> FAQ-with-sections DTD referenced recently on the forrest-dev
> list.
> Thanks
> J.Pietschmann
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Jeremias Maerki

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