I thought this was rather interesting. There is an article on XML.COM
entitled "Government and Finance Industry Urge Caution on XML"
(http://www.xml.com/pub/a/2002/04/24/gaonacha.html). Lest we start thinking
of XSL as a second-best W3C Recommendation that is viewed slightly askance
by many in the XML community (which I think it is :-)), consider the fact
that the US government, in the report cited in the article, clearly mentions
XSL 1.0 in its discussion of core XML standards (pages 18 & 34 in the PDF

I think this is encouraging. Probably for all developers _and_ users. A lot
of the other XML technologies out there are getting the limelight, but when
it comes right down to it XSL-FO is a solid spec for a solid requirement -
producing good-looking paper from XML. Let the other people have fun with
Web Services and RDF and schemas - I am perfectly happy with a relatively
stable spec that _definitely_ has a strong business case. :-)

If you read the report, incidentally, the GAO is not urging caution with
respect to XML, per se - it has to do with how the technology is being

Arved Sandstrom
Sr Software Developer
Platform Products Group
Halifax R&D Office
Hummingbird Ltd

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