Hear hear!  XSLT and XSL-FO have been, in my line of work, the "killer apps" of XML.  
Both have been invaluable to me in the management of document formats, and at two 
separate jobs now, each of them has eventually given me a "niche"- XSLT in maintaining 
documents in different "flat text" formats and XSL-FO in "on paper" formats.

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        I thought this was rather interesting. There is an article on XML.COM
        entitled "Government and Finance Industry Urge Caution on XML"
        (http://www.xml.com/pub/a/2002/04/24/gaonacha.html). Lest we start thinking
        of XSL as a second-best W3C Recommendation that is viewed slightly askance
        by many in the XML community (which I think it is :-)), consider the fact
        that the US government, in the report cited in the article, clearly mentions
        XSL 1.0 in its discussion of core XML standards (pages 18 & 34 in the PDF
        I think this is encouraging. Probably for all developers _and_ users. A lot
        of the other XML technologies out there are getting the limelight, but when
        it comes right down to it XSL-FO is a solid spec for a solid requirement -
        producing good-looking paper from XML. Let the other people have fun with
        Web Services and RDF and schemas - I am perfectly happy with a relatively
        stable spec that _definitely_ has a strong business case. :-)
        If you read the report, incidentally, the GAO is not urging caution with
        respect to XML, per se - it has to do with how the technology is being
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