Art Welch wrote:
I am the person who is mostly to blame for the PCLRenderer. Unfortunately I have not been able to work on it for a while - and I do not know when I will be able to do so. Of course anyone else is free to work on it - but I have not seen many others doing much on it.
If there are some particular limitations that you find most onerous, perhaps I can take a look at them... especially if they are easy to fix. However the main limitations that I am aware of will require significant effort. These are restoring SVG support, adding font support, adding color support, etc.
At present I think that it is unlikely that any significant limitations in the PCLRenderer will be addressed in the short term. It is quite possible that this could change. Next week I am planning on trying to get more resources committed to XML reporting at my employer. If successful, I may be able to spend more time on FOP.
Well, that's fine ;-)
Hi, I have problems too with the PCL renderer. The PDF renderer works fine for:
    -handling tables aligned right in the footer ("Page N°1/5"  for exemple in a one cell table
     aligned right).
    -handling images centered inside a fo:block.

I just can't do that with the PCL renderer, which doesn't produce the whole thing in the footer
(stops to "Page N°" and then ... nothing more in the footer...). If I ever use a single fo:block
aligned right, this does work... Si this problem is not really urgent for me.

But the image centering is quite important, and I still haven't found a new way of getting it centered.

Can you help?

Thanks a lot!

Bruno Verachten.

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