If the PDFRenderer centers the image properly and the PCLRenderer does not then it is probably a bug in FOP (likely the PCLRenderer) not a problem with the FO code.
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If the image is totally off center, then the problem is probably not related to scaling.
"IIRC images", sorry I should have included a comma in there as in:
"If I remember correctly, images..."
It seems a bit odd to me that the PDF renderer would center the image properly and the PCL renderer would not center it at all. I have not looked at the code in a long time, but I thought that FOP did all the layout before calling the renderer. So it should just be saying "put the image here" and supplying the appropriate coordinates to the renderer. But it is entirely possible that this had changed - or perhaps even more likely - I am not remembering correctly. I have not looked at FOP code much since the redesign started.
Okay... If you have time on your hands next week, I can send my fo code to the list.
I have to leave now (8pm here), so ... have a nice week-end.

Thanks for the answers, including the ones about shorthands ;-)

Bruno Verachten.

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