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> Subject: RE: [REDESIGN] Line layout manager discussion
> On Tue, 2002-05-07 at 03:56, Arved Sandstrom wrote:
> > > >From a practical viewpoint it makes sense to wrap the block
> in an inline
> > > area with the traits and treat the block normally in layout
> terms but it
> > > still feels uncomfortable. It also introduces a whole lot of other
> > > questions about line height, padding etc.
> > >
> > The use of "line-height" for inlines is as a synonym for
> "height"; one _can_
> > use "height" but only for replaced inline-level FOs. So for an original
> > "inline", say, we'd ignore a "height" but use "line-height"
> instead, which
> > more often than not is just going to inherit from the block
> containing it. I
> > think this is pretty straightforward.
> >
> > I don't know if this is what you were getting at, though.
> Because I figure
> > you're on top of this already.
> I was referring to the line-stacking-strategy. If it is font-height then
> "It has the same block-progression dimension for each line-area child of
> a block-area."
> This means that if we embedd the block within a line area then the line
> is still the same height as other lines. So even if the block is big
> enough to fill a page it will be placed in a line area that has the same
> height as as other lines with only text.

"font-height" has the same effect on other things also, though, where a
person may have some expectation that the element has a larger size. Like
external-graphic, for example. Which is why a note in Section 6.6.5 even
says that one normally uses "max-height" (the default) or "line-height" for
this FO.

I think this is a situation that would be cause for a runtime warning, using
some kind of heuristics - the user has imposed conditions on the FO that
really don't go well together. Something that big they should maybe think of
doing a float. But the spec itself is reasonably clear on what we can expect
from "font-height", I think.


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