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> Hi All,
> What it boils down to seems to be if the inline fo returns the block
> area or generates an inline area that contains the block area. If it
> generates an inline area then it will set traits on that area (border,
> background, link, padding etc.).

>From 4.7.3 my understanding is that any (normal) areas returned by children
of the inline formatting object always become children of normal inline
areas that the FO generates. Similarly for a block, by 4.7.2. So the inline
FO can never _return_ a normal block area.

I guess it depends on one's understanding of "return". I take this not to
include any nested areas. The normal block area comes back, sure, but as a
child of a normal inline area.

> If that is the case why is a footnote inline not allowed to have a block
> level child. Since this is effectively the same as using an
> inline-container.

Probably just the semantics of what the "inline" does for a footnote, rather
than any technical reason.

> Here is another confusing statement, that makes sense for
> inline-container.
> 4.6
> "The dimensions of the content-rectangle for an inline-area without
> children is computed as specified by the generating formatting object,
> as are those of an inline-area with block-area children."
> Does "computed as specified" mean specified on the fo or derived from
> the context.

I'm thinking, as specified on the FO.

> >From a practical viewpoint it makes sense to wrap the block in an inline
> area with the traits and treat the block normally in layout terms but it
> still feels uncomfortable. It also introduces a whole lot of other
> questions about line height, padding etc.
The use of "line-height" for inlines is as a synonym for "height"; one _can_
use "height" but only for replaced inline-level FOs. So for an original
"inline", say, we'd ignore a "height" but use "line-height" instead, which
more often than not is just going to inherit from the block containing it. I
think this is pretty straightforward.

I don't know if this is what you were getting at, though. Because I figure
you're on top of this already.


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