FOP is a renderer for XSL:FO, not for XHTML. If you want to render XHTML,
you have to convert it to XSL:FO first.

> I have an application that produces HTML as output. I used tidy to make the
> HTML well-formed and added the XML header and renamed the file to
> filename.xml from filename.html. I then use FOP to try and create a
> filename.pdf file. I get a "/ by zero" exception. The problem is the
> pageCount variable in the StreamRender class isn't get incremented. Since
> it's initialized to zero, an Arithmetic exception is thrown when the log
> tries to write out the average time it took to render each page. Since
> XHTML is  XML, I would have expected this to work. Has anyone else come
> across this issue/exception??

Jeremias Märki


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