It sounds like you need the implementation of caching that is in the cvs
It will be possible to specify different caching methods and to cache
with a context (eg. per document).
It also releases images (to a weak hashmap) after the renderer is
finished with them.

On Wed, 2002-05-15 at 13:56, Torsten Erler wrote:
> Hi
> The workflow is following:
> - I create many images like file://c:/a/1/temp.gif, file://c:/a/2/temp.gif
> and file://c:/a/3/temp.gif
> - I add the path's to my xml structured document
> - I transform this document and an accordingly xsl to and tmp.fo file
> - this fo-file will be rendered for print-preview via an AWTRenderer
> Subclass
> - I call reset on Driver, my renderer and set new inputsource etc.
> On batch printing this workflow repeats x-times and for every rendering
> process the image-files will be created in the same way. That means,
> independant on how many gifs I've to produce for the current preview, all
> files are located in folder "a" and all files are named temp.gif. Only the
> directory which holds the file is (incremetal) different, but starts for
> each preview with "1". After the preview is done the directory file://c:/a
> and all child files will be removed from the computer.
> The first Preview works correct, but if I try to go the same way more than
> one times, all following AWT-rendered Images are scaled to the size
> calculated to the first loading of file://c:/a/1/temp.gif ...., but the size
> and contents of the file has changed completely.
> The FopImageFactory maps the String representation of the image URL to the
> calculated FOPImage. On request it returns the wrong FOPImage, because of no
> check for last modified date ore something is done. That means the ImageArea
> which is constructed on rendering process has the wrong dimensions.
> AWTRenderer's renderImageArea(ImageArea) method loads the correct (actual)
> image from the URL and the direct drawing from Graphics2D will scale the
> image into the shape-dimensions of the obsolete FOPImage.
> The results are funny if the first picture has a dimesion of 100x800 points
> and the second one (with exactly the same url) has 600x200 points.
> Hope that helps
> cu Torsten

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