I think you're the second one who announced such a TIFF renderer in a
short period of time. Personally, I would like to see a bitmap renderer
in FOP even though I don't have an immediate need myself. I'd like to offer
my sponsorship. If no other committer wants to take it, I'm going to look
at the two submissions as soon as possible and see how best to integrate
one (or a combination of both) into FOP. If someone is against that move,
please speak up.

Here's a link to the other post:

> I'm just wondering if fop developers are interested in one more output format 
> such as TIFF ?
> I beleive it's very easy to produce tiff having AWTrenderer. The only  things 
> one have to do is to extend AWTRenderer, to pick up generated BufferedImages 
> page by page and to encode them by tiff encoder.
> Actually I developed such TIFFRenderer a couple weeks ago in order to get 
> fax-suitable output from a fop-running system I'm working on now (see 
> http://www.tkachenko.com/fop/tiffrenderer.html). That stuff was downloaded 
> couple of dozens times by the people, so I believe some kind of interest among 
> fop users does exist. btw, size of Batik-dependent version of TIFFRenderer is 
> only 56 kB.
> Well, I do like fop and I'd be glad to contribute that humble piece of code to 
> the project.

Jeremias Märki


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