Ralph LaChance is working on it. Check the current CVS. Ralph's diff
should have improved some of this. But it seems like AWT still has its

Implementing a full bitmap renderer without the use of AWT would be a
major pile of work, I think. But you can always try to use GhostScript
to convert a PDF/PS to TIFF which should have about the same qualities
as the PDF. Which method are you using right now?

> We would be real interested in TIFF rendering from FOP since our application
> includes a fax component.  My only concern is the use of the AWTRenderer.
> Whenever we use the AWTRenderer the output (on screen and print) is not as
> crisp and sharp as the PDF version.  The spacing of letters and words is a
> major issue with the AWTRenderer (as was mentioned in a previous thread).
> If however a TIFF renderer could be produced that does NOT have these issues
> we would be real happy to use it.

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