At 10:11 AM 5/21/02, you wrote:
>Ralph LaChance is working on it. Check the current CVS. Ralph's diff
>should have improved some of this. But it seems like AWT still has its
>Implementing a full bitmap renderer without the use of AWT would be a
>major pile of work, I think. But you can always try to use GhostScript
>to convert a PDF/PS to TIFF which should have about the same qualities
>as the PDF. Which method are you using right now?

Actually, I (biased!) think the present awt renderer is quite good; the
character spacings problems within words that existed in previous versions
is fixed, and text decorations seem to work correctly.

As Jeremias pointed out, I am chasing a new problem - but that one doesn't
really bear on awt itself, but shows up only when the awt renderer is used
to print.  (The problem appears if fop is run w/ -print option or if the print
command is invoked on the -awt display dialog.)

Offhand, I do not expect the printing problem to show up if the awt
renderer were used as the basis for a tiff renderer.

We believe the printing problem stems from a java bug around fonts -
the character rasterizer seems to be ending up with text strings being
improperly sized when it is drawing into a graphics context created by
a PrinterJob.  There are several related bugs in the bug parade on this

         ' Best,
         -Ralph LaChance

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