Hi, Adrian

It's been quite a while but I recall that at the time that basic-link code
was written (long enough ago that they were still called simple-links) there
was an option to choose between link rectangles per word, which aws intended
more as a debugging setting, or combining link rectangles into larger
rectangles where possible (that is, if the geometry permitted).

It was certainly the intention (and I believe it worked this way) that a
number of linked line areas all with the same inline-progression dimension
would result in _one_ linked rectangle. As one example.

So that's your answer. :-) The multiple linked areas are an ancient
debugging artifact, that seems to have become the norm.


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> Sent: May 22, 2002 4:08 AM
> Subject: Why do links generate multiple rectangles in PDF?
> Can anyone (Arved?) give me a brief explanation of why one
> <fo:basic-link> will generate multiple link rectangles (one for
> each word!) in a PDF rendering?
> This would seem to have a dramatic effect on the file size of
> larger PDF documents with many multi-word links.  It's such a
> (seemingly) strange behaviour that there must be some
> justification, although I can't find it in the mailing list archives.
> Any help appreciated.
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