Thanks Arved,

That sounds far more promising than I had hoped.  I thought that it might have had 
something to do with making it easier to wrap links that spanned multiple lines...

Does your response mean that the code to join (or not split) the linked rectangles 
would still in their somewhere and just needs to be switched back on?  If so, do you 
think there is any chance of having this fixed for the upcoming 0.20.4 release?  It's 
really blowing out the file sizes of the work I am doing with fop, since we are 
generating index pages to collections of PDFs, so our document are nearly all links!

My Java isn't that strong, but I'd be happy to take a look at the code if you could 
point me in the right direction.


PS: I have submitted this to Bugzilla now that I have your confirmation that this is 
an unintentional behaviour.

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Sent: Wednesday, 22 May 2002 8:07 PM
Subject: RE: Why do links generate multiple rectangles in PDF?

Hi, Adrian

It's been quite a while but I recall that at the time that basic-link code
was written (long enough ago that they were still called simple-links) there
was an option to choose between link rectangles per word, which aws intended
more as a debugging setting, or combining link rectangles into larger
rectangles where possible (that is, if the geometry permitted).

It was certainly the intention (and I believe it worked this way) that a
number of linked line areas all with the same inline-progression dimension
would result in _one_ linked rectangle. As one example.

So that's your answer. :-) The multiple linked areas are an ancient
debugging artifact, that seems to have become the norm.


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> From: Adrian Edwards [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Sent: May 22, 2002 4:08 AM
> Subject: Why do links generate multiple rectangles in PDF?
> Can anyone (Arved?) give me a brief explanation of why one
> <fo:basic-link> will generate multiple link rectangles (one for
> each word!) in a PDF rendering?
> This would seem to have a dramatic effect on the file size of
> larger PDF documents with many multi-word links.  It's such a
> (seemingly) strange behaviour that there must be some
> justification, although I can't find it in the mailing list archives.
> Any help appreciated.
> Adrian Edwards
> Application Developer
> Netimpact Online Publishing

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