Sure, that's great. All you have to do is make your changes against the
current CVS, create a unified diff with CVS and send it to this list or
create a new bugzilla entry with the diff as attachment. We will then
see to include it as fast as possible.

See here for more information:

> We are using FOP to generate PostScript and PDF file by XSL. It works fine.
> But we also found a little minor difference compare ps to pdf, such as, the
> position and size of border, table and font, the vertical position of image.
> You can test that with docs/examples/fo/ by printing them out. We
> like postscript very much since it can be handled by Java JPS directly and
> dont want two version of XSL files. I have done some work with PSRenderer
> and it outputs almost same with PDF.
> I wonder if I can submit it as a patch.

Jeremias Märki


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