I'm using FOP to produce PDF eBook files targeted for Adobe eBook Reader. It
produces beautiful output, with internal links for the contents etc. These
files can be viewed in both Acrobat and the eBook Reader without error.
However, most eBook distributors place requirements upon submitted files and
make checks with various preflight packages.

PitStop by Enfocus (http://www.enfocus.com/products/overview.php?nr=3) is
one of the most common tools used for this purpose. I am finding that for
all PDFs produced by FOP (including those from the sample FO files) PitStop
stops and complains of a 'Fatal PDF Error' on the first page. It does not
provide anymore information than this. I am not experiencing the same errors
with PDF files produced by XEP or Antenna.

I realize that this query may be more appropriately targeted to Enfocus.
However, any insights or help would be much appreciated.


Matt O'Donnell
Publishing Dimensions

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