Matt, Matthew,

Maybe you could try generating the most minimal possible PDF file which 
still crashes the preflight programs.  Use the same fo: source file in 
XEP and Antenna and compare the output.  Send these PDF files to Enfocus 
ior Adobe for comment.  If someone there can tell us exactly what 
constructs are causing the problem, we will have a target.


Matt Johnston wrote:

>I have run into the exact same problem.  I have personally tried Pitstop and
>had the same error occur.  Other people that have several industrial
>strength preflight tools said that the PDFs I made out of FOP crashed all
>their programs.  The only preflight program I can get to read the PDF is
>Flightcheck.  Plus, certain versions of Photoshop(5.0) and Illustrator(8,9)
>also do not like the file format, while Acrobat Reader reads them fine.
>This is a problem that I too would like to see solved.
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