I have had a look at the structure handling concept in particular with
reference to the rtf renderer.

The idea is to use a structure handler class that is available to the FO
tree and replaces the current position of the StreamRenderer.

This structure handler will have a number of methods for the start and
end of elements like block, table, list item etc. and others for
external graphic etc. It will pass appropriate information mostly the
current fo object.

This should make it possible for the rtf handler to get the appropriate
information from the FO tree during the creation of the FO tree.

Currently the StreamRenderer does a very limited version with start, end
document and end page sequence. This could become a subclass of the
structure handler where it will only use a few methods (probably should
rename it to RenderHandler).
This should also help us to improve the normal rendering process as

Does this sound like a suitable approach? Will it make the rtf rendering
possible (Bertrand?)?


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