Hi Peter,

Sorry for taking so long, week's been hectic around here.

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> I think you will still have attribute resolution problems.  Remember
> that some attributes are only going to be resolved during the layout.

I understand that some attributes cannot be resolved at the parsing stage, 
and as Keiron mentioned, there will need to be a way to transfer them with 
all the relevant information.

The implications for RTF are not that clear for me though (mostly because 
jfor is currently sooo weak about attributes, AND I never worked on a 
print-type renderer) - I think I need to be able to play with actual code to 
better understand the issues. AFAIK Keiron is working on a first shot 
StructureHandler which should help me jump in.

>. . .
> It seems to me that the general solution would involve the definition of
> a structure api, taking account of the layout dependencies.  
>. . .

I agree, but again the whole picture is not clear enough in my mind yet to be 
able to specifiy these dependencies. I suggest that we wait for Keiron's 
skeleton code, on which we build a rough RTF converter which will help us (me 
at least ;-) understand the issues on concrete examples.

We should then be able to define a set of XSL-FO documents that show 
different use-cases for attribute resolution.

>. . .
> You may already have documented the structure transformations needed for
> FO->RTF.  If so, it would be a very good idea to include them in the NEW
> DESIGN documentation.
>. . .

Unfortunately not - what jfor currently does is 1-to-1 mapping of basic 
attributes like font sizes, bold, italic, etc. so there's not much to be said.


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