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>> 3) What does the following paragraph mean ?
>> « Development for 1.0DR1 is addressing the design issues for layout and
performance. This is focusing on making it possible to be conformant to the
spec and >be able to handle large documents. This is roughly 30% towards a
developers release that should have: similar functionality to previous FOP
releases, a rough API >and a suitable design for developers to work on more
functionality.  »
>It means we don't know but we are working on it.
>> What  is « roughly 30% towards » ? The work already done or the 1.0DR 1 ?
Could this sentence please be rewritten ?
>It is a rough estimate that gives a bit of information without really
>saying much.
>Do you want less information so you aren't tempted to make predictions
>or do you want more information that will end up being wrong?

[PA] Don't take my remarks wrong : I don't mind not having much information,
I just don't want to be misled. I do simply not understand the sentence.

What is « this » in « this is roughly » ? Do you mean that the redesign will
end up when it ends (and we have no idea when) with 30% of the current
functionality (« this is roughly 30%» ...« similar functionality to the
previous FOP releases » ? If this is not what you intend some people to
understand, the sentence should be rewritten.

>> 4) What has changed in the last month ? (I.e. could we get at least a
monthly update if we must live with «The timing of these events depends on
progress made >so it is not possible to predict any dates » ?)
>Are you volunteering to help out with this?

[PA] In fact, about two to three months ago I voluntereed (I was between
jobs) and no one answered. Now I'm rather taken by my new job, but my
employer will be happy  to help implement features if there is a least a
chance of a release sometimes (I have stated several times that we want line
numbering(*), for instance, for our government customers).

We could also help implement other features (in the recommendation this
time) but again if our investment were to come to fruition relatively
quickly, we are too small a company to do otherwise.

Patrick Andries

(*) Which I **prototyped** on my machine in FOP 0.23 to the customer's

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