Dominique Broeglin wrote:
>       I'm not sure this is a bug, so this is half a bug report half a request
> for help. I use fop 20.3rc
>       I've a fle a.svg:
> <svg width="100" height="50">
>   <g id="test">
>     ...
>   </g>
> </svg>
>       A second file b.svg:
> <svg xmlns:xlink=""; 
>      width="500" height="500">
>   <image xlink:href="file:retro.svg" x="80" y="130" width="100"
> height="50"/>
> </svg>
> When I vizualize the file with batik (or batik rasterizer) I obtain b
> including a. So far so good. Unfortunately then I try to include b.svg
> in with: <fo:external-graphic src="file:b.svg"/>. 
> The resulting PDF contains the schema in b.svg, but a the place of a.svg
> in b.svg I've an icon representing a broken image. Is this normal
> behaviour ?

No. Batik, the SVG rasterizer, either cannot find the referenced file or
it cannot decode its format.
Point 1: file:b.svg is, technically, an invalid URL. FOP tries to cope
with it, but Batik has it's of logic. Use b.svg or a full path
file:///path/to/b.svg. In the first case, all three files a.svg, b.svg
and should be in the current directory.
Point 2: Neither of the code snippets you show has the SVG namespace
declared as default namespace. The usual way is that this is done in
the SVG DTD. Check whether both files either include a proper DOCTYPE
declaration pointing to the DTD, or declare the SVG namespace.
Point 3: Your b.svg links retro.svg, not a.svg.


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