Dominique Broeglin wrote:
> When I add the doctype, it works. But I was not
> aware the doctype was mandatory, is it ?

Does this mean it worked after zou added the SVG DTD declaration?

>       What confuses me is the fact that batik reads b.svg correctly but FOP
> doesn't. But FOP delegates SVG handling to batik... Could you explain me
> if it's normal behaviour ?

Going into guess mode...
There are always issues with embedding other stuff. You don't
embed it wholesale. Command line applications often contain
additional logic for reading configurations and setting up
various stuff.
I suppose the XML parser used for parsing the SVG pointed
to by a fo:external-graphics is set up by FOP. If the SVG
includes antoher SVG, a new parser is set up, this time by
Batik. It is just possible that FOP's parser is correctly set
to non-validating, while the parser used by Batik uses Xerces
default, which is validating (I think. You use Xerces?). If so,
it falls over if there is no doctype declaration. Running a
Batik command line application might use a properly configured
parser factor.
There might be other issues, SVG had set some nasty precedents
by defining one or antoher important attribute default value
in the DTD (in particular the SVG namespace declaration), though
it is hard to see how a staand-alone Batik circumvents this.


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