On Tue, 2002-07-02 at 11:48, J.U. Anderegg wrote:
> Keiron wrote:
> >- added transparency for shapes and alpha mask for images
> well, what has to be transparent? Background images or overlaying text?
> - 82 pages: Transparency in PDF, Technical Note #5407, Adobe Developer
> Technologies

xsl:fo does not currently support alpha in colours so it does not apply
for normal text or borders.
An image could contain an alpha mask and there could be a background
colour below the image.
Any svg object could have an alpha value or a transparency alpha image

> >- Outputs pdf objects immediately
> >Unortunately I have broken the xref table and I can't figure out what is
> wrong.
> The XREF is built incrementally in parallel to file writing. So your PDF
> object has to wait, until it is it's turn to output to the file.

The objects can be output to the pdf in any order, the xref simply gives
the offset of each object in the correct order (1..n). The reader uses
the xref to locate an object (the trailer contains the root and info
object numbers).

> Example: image xObject on page in PDFRenderer
> - create xObject: say PDF object ID 27
> - add xObject to page objects
> - output page objects: method "toPDF" of objects say 20-30 is invoked
>       . object 27: do the data/processing intensive things at this time
> If you send me the code, I can figure out what the problem is.

The code is in cvs. It was working before but something has gone wrong

> Hansuli Anderegg, Zurich

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