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> Thats a good idea.
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> We haven't had success with UML in the past but that doesn't mean
> anything.
> If you feel this could be useful area to explore, go ahead.
> The tools such as ArgoUML have improved and I just tried it out again.

We never tried it that seriously. And the last time we did, ArgoULM aka
Poseidon CE wasn't quite there yet. I agree that now it probably is. It
wasn't (and isn't) fair to rely on high-powered stuff like Visio or
TogetherJ that most people don't have easy access to.

Nice thing about ArgoUML is that the XML file format is great as source to
put into CVS.

I second the general comments, that this is worth doing. At the moment I am
in the same boat as lots of other people, i.e., I don't comprehend the
current HEAD codebase that well, and anything that helps is welcome.

Arved Sandstrom

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