Hi Keiron,
        We can create a folder named UML in the docs\design folder and can
place the UML diagrams there. I'll start working on them, first starting
with a diagram depicting the relationship between Driver and the different
renderers. The team can review it and can come up with suggestions. 
        Discussing with diagrams, the overall efficiency increases...


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Hi Ramana,

Thats a good idea.
Provided that the diagrams are easy to maintain and understand.

These diagrams could cover certain areas so that people can understand
them independantly and thin about how they work independantly.
Such as:
- renderers
showing the class structure, relationship with other parts, calling

- fo tree
showing how it is constructed, its purpose

- layout managers

We now have a general structure in the redesigned code that is being
built upon to achieve the functionality and performance.

We haven't had success with UML in the past but that doesn't mean
If you feel this could be useful area to explore, go ahead.
The tools such as ArgoUML have improved and I just tried it out again.


On Mon, 2002-07-08 at 16:38, RamanaJV wrote:
> To FOP Developers,
>       There is a lot amount of  work going on and lot of design issues.
> Since, FOP codebase has become very large now, I think it is time we think
> about UML diagrams to keep the things simple and easily understandable.
> don't we draw the UML diagrams like depicting the overall design with
> and Object diagrams and also the sequence and activity diagrams for the
> contributors to make the induction smooth.
>       I also feel these diagrams will help a lot to the entire FOP
> developer community so that design can be easily verified and make sure
> no flaws exist in the design?
>       What do others feel about this?
> Ramana.JV.

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