I had this same problem with Linux printing embedded fonts.  After
installing the fonts on the Linux box and NOT embedding the font, it
printed correctly.  The PDF would look just fine with the embedded font.
That only happened with PFM fonts not TrueType.


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I think i might have found it...

In my pdf i embedded the arialfont (and through adobe 5 it worked like a
charm) but adobe 4 can't print it....

I found out the problem when we were at the printing facility of our
company... This because they work there with the sun solaris 5.9 on the
Xerox 6100 Printers (big big big ones :D)...

I think the drivers don't recognize the embedded font and therefore print
some letters and some letters not...
I hope this is correct cause i just changed all the fonts to the default
one (i don't specify one anymore) and now the printing works...

i know for a fact that the fonts are embedded in the old documents (bigger
size and on a linux machine where i didn't install the arial font it worked
to :D), but the drivers of the printers simply won't understand it, nor
does abode 4 (here)

one more question, what font is used by the adobe when you don't specify
nor embed another font....

thank you

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