Hey, gang.

I posted my inital commentary and proposal for a FOP specialized classloader that 
automatically and transparently resolves JVM versioning and vendor issues (and OS, and 
just about anything else we want).  I posted it a bit over a week ago as an attachment 
to Bug #10379.  Has anyone had the opportunity to read it?  Any comments?  I'm just 
curious as to if there is any feedback on the idea.  If it's a liked idea, I will have 
some time to devote to working further on it next week, and so I wanted to see where 
we stood with it.

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The way it seems to work is that the bug remains assigned to fop-dev, 
and anyone who want to add comments or attachments can go ahead. 
Consider it assigned to you.  Keep the list in touch with what you are 
doing; think aloud about design issues and ask any specific questions as 
they arise.  Most of us are working on particular areas, so you may not 
see any immediate responses, but if you keep us aware of what you are 
doing, folks can jump in with specific suggestions or objections.  Don't 
be afraid to ask specific questions, and to ask them again if the 
answers aren't clear to you, or are non-existent.  The initiative on 
this one is with you.


Rhett Aultman wrote:
> Done, and I hope I submitted it properly.  I think I did.  :)
> I'm happy to have that one set as assigned to me.  If anyone else feels like jumping 
>in on this issue, too, that's great.

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