You're probably right. So go for it. And thanks, anyway, for helping
to improve FOP!

> My primary concern with utilizing different source build paths is that it will 
>require everyone to build from source.  I think this could hamper FOP's acceptance, 
>which is the main reason I didn't support that originally.  Additionally, when you 
>think about it, altering the source build removes only one - of your three- the 
>concern about a specialized classloader in a webapp/EJB environment.  The other two 
>issues remain- testing on multiple systems and increased complexity.
> In all honesty, there isn't a good answer to system dependancies in a system 
>independant language.  Any path we take is going to have some ick to it.  I believe 
>we may be safe in having a specialized classloader even in webapps as long as it is 
>designed in a careful fashion.  I've used specialized classloaders several times in 
>my webapps without too many problems; however, what if maybe we considered more 
>flexibility, allowing the dynamic classloader to be switched off in cases where it's 
>going to be a nuisance?
> To be fair, I'm pensive about a lot of this, too, because it's very, very new ground 
>in general.  I just want to help give FOP everything it so richly deserves.  If 
>that's the classloader, I'm here to do it.  If it's helping to refine source builds, 
>count me in.
> There haven't been any black balls cast on this, though, so I'm thinking I may 
>proceed, pending any further commentary in the next day or two.

Jeremias Märki

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