If I remember correctly (and read the right archive messages) the
original trigger was the jdk1.3 specific code for AWT fonts. Suggesting
the need to handle jdk version specific issues.
There are a number of potential issues.
For jdk1.4 I recently discovered they have image IO classes that use JAI
in the background. There is also the PDFGraphicsConfiguration class
(this has the added problem that both jdk1.4 and pre-jdk1.4 versions
cannot be compiled by the same compiler).

So there are issues that need to be dealt with, the question then is
what is the best way: a runtime classloader solution or a compile time
Run time (if it works well) is better for distribution and users.

>From what I have seen most of the "Classloader problems" occur due to
the classloader not properly implementing something and when classes it
loads load other libraries it can get into trouble.

It feels to me like a separate project: for example a wrapper that loads
the jar, the default jar contains the all the classes for normal use and
other jars contain a subset of classes for particular jdk versions, the
configuration determines what jar contains classes for particular jdks.
But it still needs a place to start.

Sorry I can't give a definite yes or no answer. Will it be useful, quite
possibly. Will it cause trouble, I don't think so. Is it the best
solution, no idea.

Hope that helps.

On Fri, 2002-07-19 at 21:09, Rhett Aultman wrote:
> I'm content being on my own.  I just don't want to end up building something that 
>nobody wants or needs, which was really why I'd put up a proposal and asked for 
>comments.  Honestly, the thumbs-up I was looking for was from someone like Keiron so 
>that I'd know it was believed that I was correctly addressing an issue that needs 
>addressing.  The majority of the work on the classloader will be pretty easy stuff, 
>and I can even take on the "splitting" system-dependant classes into their 
>version-specific components and so forth.  And write documentation on how to do that.
> I was just hoping that I could get a word from a higher-up or two that there was an 
>interest in this being pursued.  That you've suggested I go for it is definitely 
>encouraging.  Anyone else want to throw in?  Any +1s, gang?
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Peter B. West [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Rhett,
> Judging by the deafening silence, I would say you are on your own on 
> this one.  You may take heart from the fact that no-one has said 
> "Don't!"  So go for it.  If you don't do it, nobody will.  However, It 
> would probably be a good idea to send a message to the other Apache Java 
> projects, briefly outlining what you are thinking about.  It may be that 
> similar efforts are underway elsewhere.
> One of the more experienced devops like Keiron may be able to make more 
> informed comments on this.
> Peter

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