I tentatively suggested using XSLT to generate RTF a little while ago, 
but I had no idea whether it was feasible.  The main question would seem 
to be: is RTF a text-only format or a binary format?  Can anyone answer 
that one for us?


J.U. Anderegg wrote:
> Document formats can be layered very roughly like this:
> 1. Structured documents: marked up, tagged CONTENT - document elements like
> "heading", "index entry" and even "customer address" in a specific
> application:
>       - presentation, pagination controlled by style sheets/macros, perhaps
> depending on output device/target
>       - examples: HTML, Word with templates
> 2. Document formats controlling pagination
>       - examples: WordPad, XSL:FO
> 3. Device dependent, paginated output streams
>       - examples: PCL, PostScript
> An other view is: revisable vs. final formats
> RTF at layer 1) and 2): a text generator outputs RTF. A transform from XML
> data can be implemented with XSLT. A conversion from XSL:FO might be
> realized at layer 2), but probably fail because of incompatible
> concepts/details.
> RTF is the format of yesterday: better generate MicroSoft Office XML or Open
> Office XML.
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> available, output PostScript and use GhostView instead of AWT.

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