Peter B. West wrote:
> J.Pietschmann wrote:

> And yes, it is absolutley choc-a-bloc with instancesof and casts, which, 

Should read "absolutely chock-a-block"; it is not to be confused with 
the consumption of chocolate.

>> - Have a FONode method which goes through the attribute list and
>>   +  gets a PropertyMaker from a hash table the same way a FObj.Maker
>>      is retrieved and store it in a list, except for "font-size" and
>>      "font" which are processed immediately

I didn't notice immediately that you had picked up that the 'font' 
shorthand must also be processed before others.  The spec fails to 
mention it, as, in the relevant section, 5.9.2 Evaluation Order, it 
fails to mention the ordering requirements of shorthands, compounds and 
their expansions.

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