J.Pietschmann wrote:

> There should be no need to actually store for many properties most
> of the data types which can be specified in an XML attribute, for
> example font-size can always be resolved to an absolute value. Bad
> things are for example alignment-adjust which must still store an
> alternative of an enum, an absolute length and a percentage.

'font-size' is a special case in more ways than one, and even here there 
is an exception.  *In general*, percentages cannot, or ought not, be 
resolved to absolutes at parsing.  There are too many cases of 
percentages referring to outer reference lengths which are themselves 
dependent on layout decisions.  'font-size' is OK to resolve because a 
percentage refers to the parent 'font-size', and is therefore equivalent 
to an EM value.  EMs themselves are *generally* OK to resolve 
immediately because 'font-size' is determined either absolutely or by 
inheritance in line of FO tree descent.  There is a gotcha.  'font-size' 
within a marker subtree has no parent at the time of XML parsing.  The 
same goes for everything else within the marker subtree.  All resolution 
in the marker subtree must be deferred until the subtree is "re-parented".

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