Jessica Perry Hekman wrote:
> Is there any way to ask FOP to allow line breaks before and after
> particular characters -- in my case, mdashes? Apologies if this should
> actually be specified in the FO; I've been trying to find a place in the
> FO spec which says how to specify legal breaking characters, and I've
> failed so far.
That's not surprising, the XSLFO rec doesn't say much about
processing individual characters (except LF and XML whitespace).
It is generally understood that XSLFO processors have to comply
to the Unicode standards bundles, and for line breaks TR14 is
relevant, search -> technical reports.

Unfortunately, FOP does not implement TR14, it treats nearly
all characters except Unicode spaces as not allowing a break.
You can insert a zero width space before and after the mdash
in order to get the desired behaviour (as also defined by TR14).
Another caveat: FOP 0.20.4 has a bug in the white space width
calculation, you'll have to get the 0.20.5cvs code from the
repository directly or fall back to 0.20.3.


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