On Mon, 19 Aug 2002, J.Pietschmann wrote:

> Unfortunately, FOP does not implement TR14, it treats nearly
> all characters except Unicode spaces as not allowing a break.
> You can insert a zero width space before and after the mdash
> in order to get the desired behaviour (as also defined by TR14).

That's a fine answer.

> Another caveat: FOP 0.20.4 has a bug in the white space width
> calculation, you'll have to get the 0.20.5cvs code from the
> repository directly or fall back to 0.20.3.

Hm. I don't mind falling back to 0.20.3 in theory. I just tried running 
the version I checked out of cvs, and found a bunch of problems:

* some stuff I'd asked to have centered is left-justified (perhaps all 
  centering is broken; I didn't check)
* some spacing between lines is way too big (padding? margins? I didn't 
  check closer)
* a graphic I include is rendered way too large
* most relevantly, the zero-width spaces are rendered as hash signs

I assume these are just problems which are going to be worked out before 
the next release, and that I should just fall back to 0.20.3; but if I did 
something wrong (like check out HEAD when I should have checked out a 
branch), please let me know.


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